Negril as Your Ideal Place

What makes Negril heavenly? Negril considers as a large city that is located on the Western end of Jamaica’s island. This place is expediently located about two hours from Donald Sangster Airport in the Montego Bay, and this international airport is the closest to Negril. Considers as one of the most famous destination in Jamaica, its sceneries are filled with wonderful romantic resorts, exquisite natural adventures, fulfilling activities as well as great excitement. Once you visit this place, you will surely love its different waterfalls, excellent land activity sports, wonderful water activity sports and great beaches. Similarly, the destination provides lovely Jamaican recorded and live music at several hotels and resorts.

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Years ago, there was nothing in this town but a lighthouse where ships are guided around Jamaica’s pebbly west coast and populations was almost a land crabs. Discovered in the year 1494, Negril was formerly known as Negrillo when Spaniards explored this place. Single house was only the tourist accommodation and named as Llandtrissant, which was made by certain Welshman in early 1990s. In the same year, hippies were used to go in this place to hang out, relax and party at nude beaches.

Negril Today

Isn’t it nice to know that the place you once didn’t notice is now considered as one of the most popular and in demand place? Negril is gaining popularity around the world and many people try visiting this amazing place. The place offers not only lots of foods, restaurants and hotels but also well-known beaches where most people prefer staying with. Negril in Jamaica is a kind of beach town that considers as a non-developed and quiet fishing village. As the reputation of Negril developed for its friendly people, beauty as well as incredible beach, resort corporations started to improve Negril. Now, the once secreted Jamaican paradise is now a very prevalent destination for travelers internationally and offers the greatest for the world.

It doesn’t matter what you’re searching for, Negril has it all. It is sited on the famous stretch of Jamaica with seven mile of crystal blue waters and white sand beaches. All the places that you can find in Negril will give you much enjoyment and experience that you will treasure. The water is crystal clear and turquoise blue, the sand is white and soft and once you get here, you may think that you envisioned a tropical paradise. Negril is such a perfect place for everybody especially for vacationers who are looking for an amazing and remarkable travel experience.

While the stunning scenery and spectacular beaches is sufficient to attract vacationers, there is also wider variation of other entertainment that you can embark on. There are lots of different clubs and bars for you to stay entertained during the night. Couples and families can seek excess activities to have fun and participate at Chukka Caribbean Adventures. Certain offered activities contain a canopy tour, four by four adventure and river tubing safari.

Nightlife in Negril

Of course, there are also choices for those who love nightlife, as Negril is popular for providing live stage entertainment from Jamaican plethora dance hall and reggae music for its guests. Jungles is a real town indoor club. You will also find here traditional Jamaican foods that you will surely love once you taste their mouth-watering recipes. By spending your vacation in this place, you will always have a full stomach as there are wider selections of foods that you can enjoy. However, most of the finest eating establishments can be found in the hotels of Negril. In shopping districts, there are unique souvenirs that you can choose from.

No need to worry about your budget as there are also ranges of places to stop to match your budget. From high-end comprehensive resorts, hip hotels to affordable small rooms, there will be something that best suit to you. While Negril doesn’t have a separate center, it has four key districts. Sheffield Road considers as the one closest to a center as it is the home to the most restaurants, local markets, police station and gas station of the city. The Plaza de Negril and Coral Seas Plaza are in the east of Sheffield Road, where you can find the central shopping district of the town. Negril Square is a nice place where you can find overload taxis, sketchy tour guides and hustlers. Red Ground in North Sheffield Road is the main residential district of the city.

For adventurers, you will have no dull days when staying in Negril as there are also exciting and wider ranges of activities that are designated for your enjoyment. Some activities that you may try is cliff diving at the well-known Rick’s Café, day excursion at the eco-friendly and scenic Mayfield falls, horseback riding, Catamaran cruises and scuba diving or just decide on to unwind and have a long day of tranquility and peace on the seven mile beach. This beach is known for having white sand which makes it as one of the most visited beach in Jamaica.

Aside from that, one unique factor why people loved visiting Negril is because of its remarkable evening sunset. Every year, couples from different countries travel to Negril to wed their vows because it’s nearly impossible finding more romantic place to say “Yes” or “I do” to your loved one.

From being a hidden place for the last years, Negril is now one of the popular tourist spots. Tourists have made this place as their travel destination for decades. Couples enjoy the freedom that this place offers whereas families enjoy the fun and beautiful activities. From beautiful sceneries, hotels, resorts and beaches to delicious cuisines, this place has been the favorites to provide an incredible traveling experience. Negril, Jamaica conjures images of lively culture, stunning beaches and something that everyone can enjoy. No wonder, this place is included in the top destinations for tourists to Jamaica. So, if you are looking for an adventure or prefer to relax or kick back, Negril, Jamaica is indeed your ideal place that you should not miss with your friends or family.